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Be sure to thoroughly edit your letter to ensure that it's as polished and professional as possible.

Character reference for a friend for a job

Once, while we volunteered together at the Boys and Girls Club, the events coordinator became very sick. Provide contact information. Conclude with a handwritten signature and your typed signature underneath. Provide information. Mike Simpson 0 Comments By Mike Simpson We are all familiar with the traditional reference letter often referred to as a letter of recommendation. It is fine if these are not work-related examples — after all, you do not know the person from a work setting. Send a thank you note to the writer afterward. Often, references from family members are not considered objective and are unlikely to be taken as seriously as one from a teacher or colleague. If this is an email, conclude with your typed signature. Teasing among our players has stopped since they have had Greg as a role model and leader. Without a job description to guide you, there are innumerable qualities that can be highlighted in your letter. If your history with the candidate does not make you an ideal reference, you should advice them to look elsewhere for their letter. They are also useful if you will be working with a particular population, such as children or the elderly, and do not have work experience in their field.

Here are five elements all personal reference letters should include: The relationship of the reference to the candidate How do you know the candidate? If the individual you've asked agrees, give her all the information she'll need to write the letter.

sample character reference letter for a friend

Ask your group leader or coach to write a personal letter of reference for you. These references give employers a sense of your personality. Feel free to contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx for additional information.

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Provide an example of a time the person demonstrated each of these qualities. Explain your relationship. He is excellent with the young players. These are always qualities to strive for, but especially so when asking for a favor. If the job involves working with a specific group of people, such as children or the elderly, than a comment relating to their interactions with this group may go a long way towards helping them get the job. One page is more than enough. Request information. Provide Examples A picture is worth a thousand words. To be gracious is to be courteous, kind, and pleasant. In particular, make sure you know what the letter is for whether it is for a particular job, a college application, etc.

If you volunteer, consider using leaders or other members of the organization as personal references. This will give her a chance to ask someone else who might be able to write a stronger letter.

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It's better to graciously say no if you don't think you can. These are at least equal in importance, if not significantly more important. It is especially important that you ask them to include examples.

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Personal Reference Letter Samples and Writing Tips