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Food queues can look scary but these guys always run prompt service so the queue goes down really quick. The popcorn can be a hit or miss sometimes it can be stale. Com I mean it has everything you need freshly popped popcorn, nice cool slushies and other cold beverages not to mention the amazing Interior it's like walking into a really modern, futuristic, chrome cinema which it is. Hanna was the show we wanted to watch. It was a long week and I knew that I would be working the weekend too so I wanted to chill that evening. The wealthy Overend sisters, Letitia and Naomi, lived there for years and kept a working farm, renowned for its Jersey milk in green-topped bottles. Popcorn is easy to get right, keep it in an airtight bag once popped and then heat.

Side note. The whole area was once characterised by big houses, set in spacious grounds, but most of them were replaced by housing developments from the s onwards. I really love the look an feel of dundrum cinema.

It's clean, comfy and the staff are friendly. So, I sent an email of complaint and to their credit they responded a day later. The only thing I can fault is lately the screens have been really cold downstairs they kept the air conditioning on for the whole film.

The place was teeming with people which had me aghast, "What's going on? Reasonably priced tickets. If I was watching it at home I would have asked for the volume to be turned up.

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I feel a little bad about giving such a poor review seeing as I've only gone here once but there are so many excellent cinemas in Dublin and this is the first time I've left one in a negative mood.

They have good promotions and food options like hot dogs an nachos and about 6 different types of slush puppies!

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Why are there so many people? It was disappointing, I can't even remember what it was and it's only a month later, but the disappointment still lingers. Letitia Overend had a Rolls-Royce and she had a habit of gaily parking it any which way in the Main Street when she went shopping. Toilets aren't the cleanest. It's got all the snack and drinks options you expect from a cinema though let me say, there nacho and cheese sauce But you can still travel to and from Dublin city centre and Dundrum by Luas, rather than by steam train, in just under 15 minutes. I spoke to the sound engineer who said he had set the movie to the required settings. If you sit in the front row and you're vertically challenged like me you'll have to peep out over the rail. Some of its old facilities have been remade, especially the former railway line from Harcourt Street station to Bray, which closed down nearly 56 years ago. We approached the counter and asked for tickets and were informed abruptly that there was only a VIP showing, we questioned why the listing screens said that it was showing in two screens and the cashier just repeated his previous statement. This Cinema is the Bomb. Unfortunately we had no other reason to come to Dundrum and did not want it to be a completely wasted journey. Following lengthy tribunal inquiries, the land was eventually used for the Dundrum Town Centre. You can't say no to that! This popcorn was stale and cold.
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