Writing a letter to my daughter for college graduation

You continue to make me so proud. And then you misplaced half the supplies in the landfill that was your bedroom.

when your daughter graduates from college

Admit your mistakes and choose someone who will admit mistakes as well. Turns out that was me. I could have gone on forever experiencing the miracle of having a baby you growing inside of me.

A message to my daughter on her graduation

While these are cherished things, they are also traits a bad person will try to capitalize on. Maybe every joy carries a bit of regret. I mean that. Each of those days is broken into hours. But you see, my over- reaction that night had nothing to do with whether you had all your supplies and everything to do with wanting to feel that I had life under control as you entered the uncharted world of combination locks and cell phones and walking to school every day with a friend instead of a parent. Perhaps this is true of all parents, but one of my greatest mistakes as a mother was to conflate your success with mine. It just might be the relationship that rides next to you for the rest of your life.

It has been a joy to see you become such an accomplished young woman. Always maintain your personal integrity—it defines who you are.

Letter to my daughter on her graduation

Your Grandmother Zambito was famous for writing notes like this one, and of all the ones she wrote to me, the one at college graduation means the most. Each of those days is broken into hours. But no matter what, never forget that it makes you part of a sisterhood. You love fully and completely. You love it because it has been a part of your life. Always know that you will forever be a part of us—on our minds and in our hearts. We are proud to be your parents Yael Greene.

Laugh at work, at your family, with your friends, at yourself, with your significant other, at your significant other, behind your significant other, in front of your significant other…Just.

And yet, you love anyway.

How do i write a graduation letter to my daughter?

I can write a letter to my daughter. Sure, there will be some tears and heartache along the way, but know that they are the doors opening to something even greater. Trust the little voice in your head when it tells you that you should make art, or plant a garden or help someone. Congratulations on your graduation and the beginning of the best years of your life! Stepping in when you should be stepping back. We are so very proud not only of your achievements, but of the fine human being that you have become. While these are cherished things, they are also traits a bad person will try to capitalize on. May you hold fast to your dreams. But I believe important things are best backed up with the written word. You are loyal. You are caring. Do I have PMS right now? Success is determined by who you are and how you lead your life. When you are passionate, you energize others.

And that magic is silly. Now, on to the graduation address… That I am sitting here writing to you on the eve of your high school graduation and a month before your official status as a young adult has me simply flabbergasted. Oh sure, we all work on ourselves, and you will always work on you.

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To Emma, on her college graduation To my dear sweet Emma- I fell in love with you the minute you were born on that beautiful, magical Sunday afternoon February 19, You are loyal. On the flip side, make sure they are giving you the same in return.

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